A girl in a towel uses electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes might seem like a bit of a fad, at first. After all, why spend more for a fancy electronic gizmo-gadget when you can accomplish the same thing with a good ol’ traditional toothbrush. While it is true that you can get the same results with an old school toothbrush, and that you certainly don’t need an electric toothbrush to have healthy, clean teeth, there are still certain benefits that make it easier with one. This is especially true for kids, who sometimes need all the help they can get when it comes to brushing their teeth! Here are some of the benefits of having your kids start using an electric toothbrush…


Dentists around the country all recommend that you spend at least two minutes to make sure your teeth become the pearly whites that they deserve to be. However, when you’re a kid, two minutes can feel like an eternity, especially to have to brush your teeth. Even if a kid wants to have healthy dental habits, it’s likely that they are going to skip out before the recommended time is up. An electric toothbrush helps in this endeavor because most of them utilize a two minute timer when you turn them on. This helps kids go the distance and definitely brush for the entire time.

More efficient brushing

An electric toothbrush takes advantage of the efficiency, proficiency, and all-around mechanical precision that modern technology allows us to have. Because of this, two minutes spent brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush are probably going to be a lot more beneficial, especially for kids, than using a traditional manual toothbrush. Many of these electric toothbrushes are able to move tens of thousands of times a minute, which is obviously faster than a child’s hand will be able to move.

Easy to use

As adults, we’ve probably brushed our teeth enough times to know how to angle the brush and where to move around to get the most out of our brushing in the morning and evening. However, kids don’t necessarily have the dexterity to properly brush their teeth. As such, an electric toothbrush is incredibly easy to use, since you just need to turn it on and move it around your mouth, rather than be in control of your own cleaning movements.


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