“My 18th month old had his second dental visit today. And though he was nervous and unsure about what was going on, we enjoyed the office. The waiting area is so fun for him. He almost doesn’t even want to leave. They even have an Xbox. The staff is so friendly, patient,and genuine. Dr. Brian is so easy going and personable. He lights up a room! He is very informative and never pushy. The open bays are great for my little one so it can watch the older kids get their teeth clean. We love going to the kids dentist! Thanks Dr. Brian and your professional team!”
— Cynthia Vang on 02/23/2017

“I took my 3 young boys here for the first time yesterday and I was really impressed! The boys had a great time, the staff was sweet and knowledgeable. They made the experience fun and fairly quick! Glad we made the switch!”
— Michelle Hooks on 02/02/2017

“We have been coming here for 10 years now and we LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Brian Dansie and the entire staff! they are amazing and clearly passionate about what the do….and their love for children and making the dental experience pleasant truly shows! We’ve had our share of filings and teeth pullings and my two boys are still actually excited to go to the dentist! So thank you Dr. Brian and all your amazing staff!! We LOVE you!!”
— Stephanie Fife on 01/27/2017

“I have two kids absolutely love coming here. The staff is so nice and patient it’s a very clean environment. I love how they have the movies to take the kids minds off of work they’re having done. Just an overall great experience.”
— Fatimah A. on 01/26/2017

“My 3 year old loves this place. The Dental Assistants are great. Dr. Brian is amazing with the kids. Very patient. I would highly recommended! My child can’t wait for her next cleaning.”
— Jamie C. on 01/10/2017

“The staff are awesome, very friendly atmosphere. Always kind and have compassion for the kids. Very child friendly <3 !! My child has no fear checkups etc. Thank you so much! Happy New Year!!!" — Toni Selhaver on 01/02/2017

“My kids love The Kids’ Dentist in Renton. The environment is wonderful, and my kids leave happy, not crying. They do a wonderful job making my little ones comfortable and calm. I recommend them to anyone.”
— Julie Smith on 12/19/2016

“We have been bringing our kids here for years. We love the friendly staff. Dr. Loythan is great with the kids. My children look forward to going to their appointments, and thats really saying something! Honestly I wish I could go here too, lol!”
— Melissa Petersen Watkins on 12/16/2016

“My kids actually enjoy going to the dentist.”
— Kari Reifel on 12/14/2016

“We have been coming here for 19 years. My oldest is 19 and graduated out. My 14 yr old is still here for another 4 years. Great place!!!”
— Rommel Buenafe on 12/09/2016

“I absolutely LOVE this place! They are so friendly and kind. The kids get to watch movies while their teeth are being cleaned. They always have fun giveaways. The dentist and staff are so knowledgeable and patient.”
— Elizabeth Freeman Arredondo on 12/06/2016

“Everyone from the front desk, to the dental chair. All of the staff is wonderful. Everyone smiles, and is very sweet. They explain every step they are doing so my son doesn’t get scared. He likes going to the Dentist because of how nice everyone is :)”
— Kristy T. on 12/05/2016

Been coming here for years now and all my kids are happy here. They are very child centered and have a very professional approach to dentistry.
— Scott Christen on 12/02/2016

My experience so far has been great. The staff is super friendly and the atmosphere is perfect for kids. Observing them with my 3yr old and the patients they are extremely patient . Thank you for making my sons experience positive
— Tiffany Nelson on 12/02/2016

“Love how amazing the staff are. They make the kids feel welcomed, the dentist is actually fun for them!”
— Stephanie Davidson on 12/01/2016

“I love the Kids Dentist because they take care of the dental health of my three children. All the staff are wonderful and my kids just love the dentist appointments even if the Dr. Is ready to remove one teeth ????”
— Mary morales on 12/01/2016

“We went to the dentist for the first time today for my 2 year old son. The staff were phenomenal: patient, kind, and gentle. The office was fun! They have a built in play house complete with kitchen right in the waiting area. I was able to fill in the new patient paperwork while my son had a blast playing! Dr. Brian truly has a way with kids. And Tatiana, our dental hygienist, was beyond sweet. What an amazing team of people! I would highly recommend this group for anyone looking for a dentistry practice for their child (ren)!”
— Katie Gartner on 11/30/2016

“My daughter sucks her thumb. A couple years back they gave us charts with stickers as reward for not sucking her thumb, but it wasn’t rewarding enough for her to stop. Now that she is older and understands more they also have a new incentive.. a surprise gift in the back of the child stops sucking their thumb but the next appointment. That REALLY got her attention and she is more cautious about it now! Staff is always friendly and quick!”
— Ausha Byng on 11/29/2016

“I go there all the time 6 month checkups plus I really love how all the workers can sit there with u and soothe u .thx we all love u guys.”
— Yolaine Jacobs on 11/21/2016

“I cannot say enough about this office. We had the best experience ever here today. My daughter is only 3.5 years old and has had multiple bad experiences with dentists and doctors before. Our dental assistant Cheri was amazing and made my daughter feel so comfortable. I never once felt judged because my daughter was being shy or hesitant or because I was trying to help make her feel comfortable. There was no rush and Cheri was so patient with us. I was amazed that my daughter opened her mouth and let Cheri not only look at her teeth but polish and put some fluoride on. She even opened her mouth for Dr. Brian. I almost cried before leaving the office because we’ve never been treated so well by a dentist or even a doctor before. We will never go anyplace else again.”
— Debbie Taege on 11/15/2016

“Everybody was so friendly. We saw Dr. Brian today and he was so patient and understanding. My boys left with shiny smiles!! Thank you.”
— Mandy H. on 11/15/2016

“My daughter has been coming to The Kids’ Dentist since she was 4-5 yrs old and she absolutely love it! Even though we’ve moved to Nevada, we still schedule my daughter’s dental care at this clinic because of the exceptional service we received from Dr. Dansie and his team! They are very professional, knowledgeable, and most of all, they truly care for their patients. Thank you Dr. Dansie and staff for making my daughter’s dental visit a fun one! You guys are the BEST!”
— San Garcia on 11/11/2016

“What a great first time experience! My son is 19months and they made him feel so relaxed and comfortable. He did better for them then he does for me at home with brushing his teeth. Great info and very friendly.”
— Melissa Bailey on 11/05/2016

“This place is the best! They make an extra effort for kids to feel comfortable and happy! My son was very nervous about having to get a tooth pulled. Dr Brian and staff did a great job and calming his nerves and getting it done quickly and efficiently.”
— Rebecca P. on 11/04/2016

“The staff is really great with our kids. We have a toddler son that is not cooperative but they are so kind and patient. Thank you!”
— Rebecca P. on 10/27/2016

“Such a great office! Everyone is so friendly. The office is so clean and such a fun environment. My little girl can be very shy at first and clingy to me, but the staff is so patient and slowly gets her to warm up. Dr. Dansie is really great at explaining what he needs to do and making my little one feel at ease. They have awesome prizes at the end of every visit. I’m so grateful to have a fun loving envoirnment to take my girl to, where I know she is getting great care. We’ve found our dental home! Thank you Dr. Dansie and staff!”
— Meagan Seril on 10/26/2016

“My family absolutely loves the Kids Dentist in Renton! They are so patient and sweet with all three of my kids. Two of my children DO NOT like the dentist, but they are so patient with them and do things on their time to make them feel comfortable to get the care they deserve! I drive from Bellevue to Renton, just for their amazing service! Wish I could see them myself!”
— Kelsey Ruff on 10/25/2016

“Having a great dentist and staff makes all the difference. So glad we found Dr. Jared many years ago. They make it as fun as possible to go to the dentist.”
— Kara Roberts McKeage on 10/24/2016

“Everyone I so friendly and makes my son comfortable. They explain what they are doing and talk through each step. We come from Maple Valley because they are wonderful.”
— Kristy Thibodeaux on 10/24/2016

Both of my children see the dentist here. They are ALL very friendly and patient! Love this place!!!
— Kimberly Jean Long on 10/17/2016

Dr. Brian and his staff are AMAZING. From the moment you walk in you feel welcomed by the front staff. The office is very clean and fun for the kids. My two kids love going to the dentist to play in the ” Surf Shack” and love the beach theme throughout the office. Jennie is awesome with the kids. My son always requests her for all his appointments and can’t wait to go see her every 6 months. The office just provides a good experience for all ages of kids. My 3 year old daughter is warming up and also is so excited to go see the dentist every 6 months. They let her wear a mask and gloves and look into her brothers mouth and she was so excited about that. I highly recommend The Kids Dentist in Renton and their entire staff.
— Monica Anucinski on 10/15/2016

“They always take good care of my son and he looks forward to the visits.”
— Amy Magdalena Le on 10/12/2016

We tried out a few different children’s dentists before we found The Kids Dentist in Auburn. We were immediately impressed and thankful to have found them! The staff is friendly and the environment is great for kids! Dr. Jared is FANTASTIC! He and his staff genuinely care about their little patients and take the time to talk and explain each process to help make the kids feel comfortable. We appreciate their honesty and willingness to work with the insurance and actually explain the costs/billing. The kids love the t.v. on the ceiling!! It really helps! We recently moved and had our first checkup at the Renton office and we are just as pleased! Dr. Brian is EXCELLENT as well! Super friendly! We LOOOVE The Kids Dentist!!! You will not be disappointed!
— Dez M. on 09/29/2016

“I love taking my kids to the Kids Dentist in Renton. The service is awesome. Thanks everyone.”
— Nileshni Lal on 09/26/2016

“Thank you Dr. Jared and his team for such friendly, helpful, exceptional and professional dental care. Both my daughter (almost 5yo) and son (3yo) feel comfortable coming here every 6 months for check up. Thanks to dr. Jared my daughter’s front tooth was saved. Couple years ago when we found out she had a bad cavity that she almost lost her tooth dr Jared did an emergency composite treatment. Today, 2 years later, she bit on the shopping cart handle and it came off, he again did an emergency composite crown for her and it looks perfect. Thanks for always manage your schedule to help your little patients in a timely manner esp. when it’s needed most. We really appreciate your care and your help. Ps. And the kids love the surf shack 🙂 Thank you again.”
— Phuong N. on 03/14/2016

“My kids love the kids dentist! Dr. Jared is super nice, caring and patient. His staff are amazing too! The front desk ladies has great customer service skill. Always welcoming and helpful. Megan, one of the dental assistant, is just the best! My 4yr old son gets nervous and scared every time he has to visit the dentist. He’s not as comfortable with any other assistant other than Megan. Something about her makes him feel calm and that everything will be ok. She seems to be the only one who is able to take his xrays. Definitely recommend The Kids Dentist!”
— Maryna B. on 02/26/2016

“The best! Amazing with my scared 1 and 3 year olds. Very patient, kind and good at building trust with the kids. Highly recommend!!! They also loved the waiting room and didn’t want to leave.”
— Andrea R. on 01/14/2016

“Thank you Dr. Jared!! You are AMAZING!! If you need a dentist for your kids this is place to go. Dr. Jared has 4 of his own kids so he’s been there. Dr. Jared is kind and understanding and the kids really like him too and all of the office staff and hygienists are really attentive and patient with the kids too! I recommend The Kids Dentist to everyone!”
— Teresa E. on 02/02/2015

My 4 yo has been here 2 times with excellent results both times. They have a great system here and it works well. At first I was apprehensive about the tv’s and the open room settings, but now I like it! Ricki was our assistant both times and she is perfect with little kids. Able to get xrays with the little ones no problem, cleaned his teeth easy peasy. Dr Jared came over did a quick thorough exam, everything was in order and we were on our way with no problems.

That’s what I like in a dentist. Easy, painless and compassionate. Not like some other places we’ve been.”
— Jennifer W. on 04/14/2014

“We recently took our 3 year old in for his first dental visit, and were SO impressed with this practice. I called to make an appointment, and they were able to see us that same week! They took the insurance info over the phone, and emailed us the new patient paperwork, so we were all set the day of the appointment. Since it was his first visit, we had a consultation with a hygienist, where our son got to watch a fun little introductory cartoon on an iPad (which he of course thought was great) while she spoke with us. From there we moved out to the exam area. Each chair is equipped with a tv above it, and headphones so kids can watch a movie. Robbie was not feeling the chair, so he sat on our laps instead. They stressed that they want the first visit, to be a positive experience so they don’t force kids to do anything. The dentist did want to at least look in his mouth and look at his teeth (which Robbie hated), but right after he was high fiving the dentist. 🙂 the staff was SO nice and great with the kids. The atmosphere was fun (Robbie loved the surf shack in the waiting room), and the office was immaculate. I can’t say enough good things about this place!”
— Erika H. on 08/31/2014

“They were wonderful!”
— Sandra on 01/22/2013

“My 3 year old finally let them clean her teeth. They were very patient as she decided if she would let them or not.”
— Anonymous on 01/17/2013

“For this being our twins’ first dental visit ever, I was pleasantly surprised that no tears were shed. I have never met a more caring and attentive staff anywhere. I will deffinatly recommend The Kids’ Dentist to anyone with kids.”
— Andrea Taber on 01/08/2013

“The office was very friendly and welcoming as we came in. I was a little frantic because I was running late, and the staff was very understanding. Dr. Jared was very friendly with my daughters and took the time to chat with them to put them at ease. He is the best pediatric dentist”
— Anonymous on 01/03/2013

“The staff was great!! My girls are 2 1/2 and they were so great with them!!”
— Anonymous on 12/19/2012

“My son is 2 and he had a great experience. They kept him smiling and made everything entertaining and not scary.”
— Janel Dawson on 12/14/2012

“I give the office 5 stars for the following reasons. The ladies who check you in for your appointment are completely professional and friendly. Meagan and Dr. Jared have a magic touch with kids. My 4 year old is terrified of going to the dentist and is strong willed. Meagan is amazingly patient (so is Dr. Jared). We continue to trust them and find comfort in the way Meagan and Dr. Jared care for our children.”
— Holly T on 12/12/2012

“All of your staff was very friendly and so helpful. Very patient with my both of my son and just went with the flow.”
— Anonymous on 12/09/2012

“Very friendly staff. Dr. Lothyan always remembers my kids and is able to see all three at the same time. Plus, he did all the extra work without having to make an additional appointment. My kids love the place.”
— Eric B. on 12/05/2012

“They are very gentle and patient with the children and give the parents a full understanding on what they need to do and what is going with the child”
— Mariah C. on 12/04/2012

“My kids and I love this dentist. We drove by it the other day and my kids actually begged me to go there. They really like playing the video games and the prizes.”
— Christina A. on 11/29/2012

“My 4 daughter was less than excited about the dentist, but Dr. Jared and Meagan, were able to calmly communicate and encourage her to have her cleaning done. We are very thankful to have a competent, compassionate and trustworthy Pediatric Dental office close by. Meagan is the best dental assistant we have ever had!”
— HT on 11/28/2012

“My daughter needed some cavities filled. I was very impressed with how quickly Dr. Jared got the job done and yet took the time to make us feel important. He talked to my daughter the whole time telling her how good she was doing. I was very impressed. Thank you!”
— Anonymous on 11/22/2012

“My daughter had an excellent experience at The Kid’s Dentist.”
— Anonymous on 11/20/2012

“It was her first visit and they were very kind and nice and the exam was very thorough. I especially appreciated the discussion on future orthodontic needs. She’s looking forward to her next cleaning in 6 months!”
— The Kid’s Dentist.

“Great dentist!”
— Anonymous on 11/12/2012

“Wonderful staff and we love Dr. Jared! Very patent with my strongwilled daughter.
— EMoore on 11/07/2012

“This appointment went excellent and I was prepped for a disaster! My child just turned two, has a feeding tube because he doesn’t like things in his mouth, and throws a stink when I brush his teeth. Your hygienist had him opening his mouth AND sitting by himself in the big boy chair!!! Every one of his teeth got cleaned and he never shed a tear! Can I bring her home?”
Sarah on 11/06/2012

“Dr.Jonathan was great, his assistant Rochelle was also really helpful they made my daughter feel safe and not scared about the procedure (she had to get 2 fillings) I absolutely LOVE their office and will be taking my baby there once she gets big enough as well, the office is really welcoming and all about the kids! definitely recommend them to any one !”
— Tracey R. on 11/03/2012

“So, impressed with Dr. Jared! Staff is SUPER friendly and helpful. Love the reminder calls a day in advance. My kids love the waiting room! There are many books to choose from, a Surf Shack to play in with a little table and chairs, a video game for 2 players.
We have been going to Dr. Jared for a few years now and have been very impressed. He doens’t seem to be in a rush when he talks to you. He is not in a hurry to get to the next patient! He communicates well and seem knowledgable with regard to the latest in the dentistry. My daughter has had several filling and his staff does their best to make her comfortable. Dr. Jared will tell her about each step before he begins the filling. He used kid terminology to talk about the dental instruments. When the treatment is complete, you can turn in your token for a prize. This is the best part for my girls! They Love this!”
— Michelle J. on 10/17/2011